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How to become a theatre kid

You’ve heard the phrase in movies, TV and books—theatre kids are the performers of the group, the ones who love putting on a show (onstage and off). Like the athletes and the academics, theatre kids have been canonized as a distinct group, and for good reason.

These are the kids who aren’t scared to get up in front of others and share their passion and creativity with an audience. In a world that seems to encourage conformity, theatre kids are there to shake things up, ask difficult questions and try things outside the box.

And the best part? It’s easy to become a theatre kid. All you have to do is step outside your comfort zone and start to perform. It can be a little scary at first, but having supportive instructors and peers is the best way to get comfortable onstage. There are endless ways to express yourself when performing. Whether you’re into comedy, drama, classics or some combination of everything, learning to perform is a different journey for every aspiring actor.

And the label isn’t really the important part.

Learning to perform is about learning to express yourself, to work with others, give and receive feedback and improve your confidence. All of these skills have uses in other places, and the earlier you can learn them, the easier other things will be. Work, relationships, self-image and so much more are improved by the skills learned in performance.

It’s why we suggest performance classes for all young people, no matter their age. It’s never too early or too late to improve your performance skills, and you will always see the positive impact in other areas of your life.

Even if kids are learning performance at school, spending focused time on classes, camps and intensive courses are a wonderful way to supplement school while also building a dynamic social network.

Learn more about performance classes in your area on our website.

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