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Back to school? Back onstage!

While we may be enjoying summer and making it last as long as possible, parents know that fall and classes are just around the corner.

As you begin to gear up for fall and new classrooms, school supplies, first day outfits and countless new adventures, you might want to add something to your list: performing arts classes.

There’s so much to learn in classes at school, but performing arts classes offer something unique that kids are probably not getting as part of their curriculum.

With performing arts classes, students get the opportunity to work together for an extended amount of time to reach a shared goal. Learning to do this as early as 4 years old will give kids a huge advantage in learning at school as well as later, with internships, first jobs and all kinds of collaborative projects.

It’s also a great social activity for kids outside of school. It’s easy to have social life reduced to classmates and teachers, but kids benefit greatly from being exposed to other people within their community who they may not meet otherwise. Meeting more kinds of people early on gives your children a more well-rounded social life and an opportunity to build important connections that aren’t always available at school.

Finally, performing arts classes are a must for any child who is passionate about performing. Giving them a chance to flex their performance muscles at an early age is the best way to set them up to continue performing later in life, whether it’s acting, singing, showcasing art or even presenting in a setting that’s unrelated to art.

There are endless benefits. Our students come back year after year because they love the supportive, playful environment and the opportunity to improve at something they really love.

Curious what we have to offer? Take a look at our classes online.

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