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How does it work? 

Give the gift of confidence with a rare training service that comes to you! Book an acting lesson or coaching session now via ZOOM with CandiNews to work with your child one-on-one to become a stronger, more fearless performer, fast! Classes can be scheduled anytime between 2pm- 7pm Monday - Thursday 


CandiNews also has an IN-HOME training service that enables your child to become a stronger performer, fast! One-on-one coaching has several advantages over classroom instruction, one of which being that your child is guaranteed 100% of the attention. Scheduled discussed. 



What ages do you teach?

We teach ages 3 - 12. 


How much does it cost per session?

$55/hour for Zoom Lesson 8 weeks 

$35 /half-hour Zoom Lesson 8 weeks 


$85/Hour in home session 8 weeks 


Do you do ongoing lessons?

Absolutely. Lessons are recommended, at least once a week for 8 weeks. If your child isn't actively training, and they are planning to audition professionally, they need lessons to compete. First impressions matter.


Is their a performance in the after 8 weeks? 

Yes, your child will be able perform and recite a memorized Monologue/Poem/Speech they can use in an audition or a casting submission online. 



Free Actors Access set and Casting Networks. 

Free list of Kids Talent Agents  

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